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Prices: Hostel excluding sheets and clean up
1 person 25 Euro per night
2 persons 40 Euro per night
3 persons 60 Euro per night
4 persons 70 Euro per night 
Clean up: 10 Euro

Sheets: 8 Euro
Breakfast: 8 Euro

There are 4 ways to reserve a room.
Reservation by phone: Ring +46612-43090 eller +4670-756 53 07
Reservation by mail: hostel@getbergets-vandrarhem.se
Internetreservation: alternativ 1.
Internetreservation: alternativ 2.

Hostel for U Nice room for your at Getberget Hostel
TV with DVD in a dubble bed room with bathroom, stove, fridge and freezer.

Dubble bed with bathroom
Dubble bed with entrance, bathroom and access to kitchenett and dining space.

4 bed room perfect for a family
4 bed room perfect for a family

Getberget Hostel Main house
The main house with two bedrooms, dining room for 18 people.

Small wooden, local style cabin for up to 6 people.

Meditation room, gathering space with a fire place

The Annex
The Annex with 3 rooms, bathroom and a kitchenette and a dining space

Sundeck for sunbathing
Sundeck for sunbathing or for party with friends and other guests

Welcome to our Center, Bed&Breakfast in northern Sweden.

Johan Wahlstrom with Family.