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Getbergets Bed & Breakfast, Retreat- and Holiday House

Here we offer you Bed & Breakfast, hostel or stop over in bed and breakfast.
In a beautiful setting overlooking the lake Jude's your choice hostels, or Bed & Breakfast.
Return to calm and find peace in my mind at Getberget. Sleep over with Bed & Breakfast,
or hostel.

Contact: Jude Getberget 222, 870 16 Ramvik, +46 (0)612-430 90 oder mobil +46 (0)70-7565307

Directions Härnösand, Kramfors or Örnsköldsvik:
from Härnösand: running E4 north, just before the High Coast Bridge turn
towards Kramfors (route 90). D
rive approximately 3 km, in Hälledal at a kiosk
turn left towards Karlberg, drive 7 km to shop Getberget, Health Cures and Bed & Breakfast.
from Kramfors: drive south on road 90, turn right at Hälledal against Karlberg. Run 7 km to shop
Getberget, Health Cures and Bed & Breakfast.
from Örnsköldsvik: drive south on E4, drive over the High Coast Bridge, just after the bridge turn towards
Kramfors road 90th Run 3 km to Hälledal, at a kiosk in Hälledal turn left towards Karlberg,
running 7 km turn right at the sign Getberget, Health Cures.

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Foto: Bärbel Heitkamp

GPS Koordinaten Breite 62° 49' 51" und Länge 17° 47' 1" laut WGS 84
X = 6970450 und Y = 1600829 laut RT 90

Foto: Bärbel Heitkamp