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Fishing at the High Coast in northern Sweden Frech room

Fishing at the High Coast in northern Sweden at the Retreat Center Getberget.

Clean water in lakes and the streams.

Fish for sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout and perch.

Welcome to experience freedom and time for reflection.

To sit with an open fire, look at the stars and to barbecue the fresh fish.

Extras: Meditation and sauna

Dates: You can choose the days

Price: 3 days 98 Euro, 5 days 158 Euro and 7 days 218 Euro
bedding, towels included.

Additional days : 29 Euro

Direction: look at the map

Contact and reservation: +4661243090 or +46707565307

Eget rum efter en lyckad fiskedag Dubbelrum
Clean and serene rooms for your fishing vacation.

Getbergets kursgård Bara Vara
The Main hourse and the old cabin

Jude sjö med god fisk
The lake of Jude full of fish

Jude by med kursgården
The Retreat center Getberget perfect place for fishing

Excellent food after a long day of fishing. You can cook yourself or order it from us.