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Bicycle adventur fina rum efter cykelturen

Bicycle adventure in northern Sweden.

Welcome to rent bicycles at the retreat center.

We have a right to access in Sweden so you can stop anywhere to pick
blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry and cloudberry.

Extras: Meditation and sauna

Dates: You can choose the days

Price: 3 days 98 Euro, 5 days 158 Euro and 7 days 218 Euro
bedding, towels included.

Additional days : 25 Euro

Direction: look at the map

Contact and reservation: +4661243090 or +46707565307

Egen lägenhet Cykelvecka
Clean and serene rooms for bicycle vacation.

Jude by med kursgården för din cykelsemester
The village of Jude for your bicycle tour.